Bitcoin-related jobs are booming with Bitcoin
Bitcoin-related jobs are booming with Bitcoin

The International Labor Market Freelancer has found that jobs related to Bitcoin are the highest breeders. Only in the third quarter rose the figures by 82 percent.

Work with Bitcoin, Blockchain and other related markets skyrocketing as crypto currency exchange procedures is common and is steadily rising to feed the ecosystem.

The company’s periodic report tracks top trends in online jobs based on the list on the platform.

ICO tree
Freelancer notes that a large part of growth comes from companies seeking freelancers to design new coins, which essentially helps them launch ICOs.

“People get freelancers to design new types of crypto curves,” says Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer.

One of the most important skills companies is the ability to manage an ICO. ICOs have proven to be very lucrative and many pop up everywhere. But recent rules have slowed up rage.

It is not only developers and designers of these new coins that demand new ICOs, according to freelancers. Employers look for employees who create new crypto curves, but also provide suggestions for blockchain technologies.

In the related cryptographic area, the number of vacancies rose by 59 percent in the third quarter, according to Freelancer. Cryptography is essentially the underlying theory in which blockchain and bitcoin extension is based.

Not only is it useful in crypto currency, but it is also a skill that has played an important role in internet security and privacy.

quality of work
Their demand for crypto workers is not only higher, the offered jobs are definitely better in a similar area than most.

A September report showed that average cryptocurrency jobs were 10-20 percent more than the industry standard. In addition, they offer better benefits.

Secondly, cryptocurrency companies have far more flexible remote control work. In fact, employees in cryptocurrency companies have a 22 percent greater chance of being away from work.

Third, cryptocurrency companies and especially ICOs offer much better liquidity options. Typical equity positions require a liquidity event to be sold and have complex limitations. ICOs typically offer coins to employees as a partial investment. While these coins still have some limitations, they are much more fluid than options.


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