According to local media reports, a Michigan man named Bradley Anthony Stetkiw has been accused by local authorities of operating an unlicensed money transfer business. The charges were filed in the US District Court.


According to the report, Stetkiw had negotiated Bitcoin transactions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars without the required licenses for monetary brokerage. He used the LocalBitcoins website and met his future customers at the Tim Horton restaurant under the nickname “SaltandPepper”.


In a sting operation, federal agents met with the merchant and purchased more than $ 55,000 from Bitcoin at several meetings, Stetkiw having even negotiated agreements with vendors from outside the company. State. These activities are all authorized by public and federal agencies.


The operation highlights the fact that Bitcoin is still in a generalized “adoption curve” because the power of the decentralized currency is mitigated by the dangers of illegal activities. Governments, while embracing growth potential, continue to voice concerns about the risks associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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