Mayor of Barcelona in favor of the local currency digital
Mayor of Barcelona in favor of the local currency digital

Journal Cola, Barcelona has made good on its campaigning more new digital currency to create local commerce and stimulate local spending within the city limits, along with other benefits.

The city of Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia – an autonomous community in Spain is currently being torn apart by local movements of foreign consumers from Spain.

The coalition and the role they have gained their freedom from seeking to work together to increase the Catalan 18 months, and a plan to establish one’s constitution in the judicial system and other essentials. As long as the central bank of the nation of Catalan is independent and as soon as possible, the mayor of Barcelona now draws starts, from the day they work, and the name of the place, but without the digital currency.

This place is my light Enterprise Digital Currency

It will be a “learning process” helping the elderly woman for the first time the resident of Barcelona and companies learn about digital currency, to cut the cost direction, and they bought into the network and mobile electronic devices.

The mayor also confirmed that if the digital currency can be converted to euros.

The place of the strengths of the families of social services to the local shops with them, perhaps also provided by new forms, that is to say, to spend the money and wealth, as for a long time the city, depending on the location.

Others will bring new ideas in the digital local currency are:

In fact, the use of subsidies in the local currency companies in the city.
Pays and wages from the state treasury a piece of data of the digital currency.
Who is good for the citizens of this place to exchange euros for the digital currency.
Minimal or no processing fees or taxes while paying for use in the digital currency.
And to choose the offerings with suppliers and customers in the city, for whom all trade in digital currency.
The name of the currency will be determined later as residents participate in the nomination process in Barcelona.

For a vote of the Catalans, he shows that he is clear from the meaning that they carry and Spain.

If it is successful, the rest of Catalonia, in Barcelona, ​​he was the precursor of the digital, on behalf of the entire price of the ship, and the faculty of the recipe. Sweating Spain as he grabs the separatist hot in Barcelona, ​​the world looks.


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