Rumors Rife That Amazon Could Accept Bitcoin as All Eyes on Conference Call
Rumors Rife That Amazon Could Accept Bitcoin as All Eyes on Conference Call

Other rumors show that Amazon will announce a bitcoin innovation on Thursday, as a German newspaper burns speculation.

In an article on Tuesday, the world reported that fintech sources in Silicon Valley reiterate investor James Altucher’s earlier hints that the global giant Bitcoin can soon be accepted as a means of payment.

Altucher made the remarks in a report last month and quoted Thursday’s conference call as D-Day for Amazon and Bitcoin.

Before the call that anyone can listen to, the momentum is increasing that the smokers will actually endure.

“Although the date of October 26th is not stuck, the Bitcoin launch is expected soon,” writes the world.

At the interview Amazon, a speaker answered the publication in a predictably generic way.

“(Amazon) only decides to include new products or services if they are useful to our customers – until then we do not make any serious speculation.”

The company had to deal with lobbying and rumors for years on various descriptions of its Bitcoin relationship as Overstock’s competitor became a breakthrough virtual currency in 2013.

While many other medium-sized operators have since been involved in Bitcoin, Amazon’s participation will still be a news.

There are already several special services available to offer Bitcoin purchases from their websites via gift cards.


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