President Russia is Vladimir Putin’s new laws governing the cryptocurrencies, including the registration law for analysts and the introduction of a law order to obtain the first ICOs.

Kremlin published five orders from Putin on a weekend, possibly representing the Russian government as an oversight of the technical issues. Not only is Putin’s new constitutional framework around cryptocurrency within Russia, they are ambitiously developing plans to use the technology to create a “single payment” into the Union Economic Union Eurasian, including Armenia, Belarus , Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia as members.

Significantly, Russia intends to apply for human rights approval before ICO, which is a sign-up for a new blockchain network bootstrap. Putin also ordered a government, under Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, to open the process for cryptocurrency applicants to sign up and pay taxes for their money.

One of these laws seems to be taking its burden through current efforts in the state of Duma, the Russian state legislature, and the central bank to create a law governing the work of cryptocurrency.

She says:

“The Russian government, in connection with the Bank of Russia, will find that the reforms in the legislation of the Russian Federation provide for the … [decision] of the digital technology state of consumer use and investment (including” skills and (b) as if it were the only thing in the case of the registrant “,” crypto-currency “,” control “,” crypto-currency “,” is good in the Russian Federation. ”

The Russian government wants to put its weight behind the effort from the beginning to develop new technology and technology.

One of the rules impose for the establishment of a “standard” standard, or system whereby the company may test products and limitations. Some countries, including the UK, have set up a business store that attracts many cached blockchain companies right now.


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