SWELL Wave Event Of Ripple On Stage
SWELL Wave Event Of Ripple On Stage

Ripple SWELL Event to Take Front Stage

Ripple enjoys a unique positioning in the cryptocurrency space and seems to move forward successfully in a context of numerous failed and similar attempts in what Ripple is trying to achieve.

This week, the company launched the so-called SWELL event, which brings together banking and payments executives, corporate treasurers and industry luminaries in Blockchain to discuss and debate the state of the art. done (and will be done) in the future.

It is a free event that will take place in Toronto from October 16 to 18, with the participation of some of the most influential monetary leaders in the world.

Why is this news now?

Well, we just learned that Ben Bernanke, the man who has served two terms as president of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, who attends the event, has considered the future of Bitcoin.

It is known that Bernanke was in the past against Bitcoin and even if his comments were relatively bullish something negative, he has clarified that he does not believe that central banks like the Federal Reserve of the United States have the power to regulate cryptocurrency. the extent to which it would significantly impede adoption.

In his last comments, however, he seems to proceed a little harder.

This is what he said (and as reported in a Fortune article):

“The Fed, the Bank of England and Japan support the technologies [wave and similar] because they are improving the payment systems … (but Bitcoin) has not proven to be a real transaction currency (instead) a mostly speculative firm ”

Of course, Bernanke has been wrong in the past.

He suggested that the Federal Reserve did not forecast a recession in 2008, just before the global recession. He also served as head of the US financial system before, during and after the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression.


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