I Am Not Satoshi Nakamoto : Claims Elon Musk
I Am Not Satoshi Nakamoto : Claims Elon Musk
On November 26, 2017, we reported that a former employee of SpaceX claimed that Elon Musk was “probably” Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was founded in 2008 and is claimed under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”, with the rumor of the owner over a million battles.

The secret of Satoshi was a hot topic in the world of crypto-occupations, where entrepreneurs often sought and dismissed responsibility. Many people jumped in to get a response from Mens, with little success on the first day.

In less than 48 hours, she arrived to Musk, who turned to Twitter to make claims with true musk:

“A friend sent me a part of BTC for a few years, but I do not know where it is.”

Source: Twitter
Rumors originated from this middle post Sahil Gupta, current student of Yale University and former trainees in SpaceX. The original coverage of Gupta’s contribution was widespread both in traditional and in the niche media, creating a mixture of support and skeptical responses. Of course, most of the answers were skeptical:
“It is obvious, but on the seventh day the musk rested.” – Phil Thompson

“Musk is a serial self-promoter if he finds something that is devastating in 1/1000 we would know about it.” – Frayed_Knot

There is no way that Elon Musk is Satoshi. He would never create a monetary system that consumes so much energy. The bitcoin transaction uses the power that the entire home spends all week – no way it would affect such an environment. “- Adam W.

“That, without a doubt, one of his companies, P.R., has facilitated this article.” – Dave

The last comment can be reasonably demarked. Musk has many things, but it’s safe to say that he did not make Bitcoin.

With recent muscular answers, the secret of Satoshi lives and remains one of the greatest secrets in the crypt world.


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