The Bitcoin Prize Rally Was “Incredible”, Says Nuveen Bob Puppet
The Bitcoin Prize Rally Was “Incredible”, Says Nuveen Bob Puppet

The price of Bitcoin “seems speculative,” said the chief stock strategist at Nuveen Asset Management.

Speaking to CNBC today, Nuveen Bob Doll made the comment and became the last traditional financial analyst to target speculation in the market. The comments of the puppets were driven by the rise of Bitcoin to a new historical record, after its jump of more than $ 9,000 this weekend.

In addition to the speculative aspects, Doll added: “It was a great race” for Bitcoin.

He told the network:

“I confess that it is an area that is speculative for me, but you could call me old or outdated, it was a great career, is not it?”

Doll also said that the price rally of the cryptocurrency has been buzzing in some sectors of the financial world, although what this interest will lead to see remains to be seen.

“With Bitcoin, why do you need the stock market?” It was the saying lately, “joked Doll.

Doll is not the first of Nuveen, founded in 1898 and with assets under management of approximately $ 948 billion, to make comments on the cryptocurrency markets.

In October, Nuveen announced that it would invest some of its less liquid assets in exchange-traded funds. According to Bloomberg, the company said at the time that the Bitcoin increase was interested in new ways of handling currencies.

The company also suggested that they see a chain of blocks “that offers some of the usefulness and potential in the market,” although he cautioned that all potential applications of technology in finance are still in development.


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