It is hardly surprising that criminals are looking to get into the cryptocurrency action as the Bitcoin price broke the $ 10,000 mark late Monday.


Cybercriminals, hackers, Internet hackers, call them what you want, browse the Internet for easy targets as the world awakens to the success of Bitcoin and its successors altcoin.


According to the American SANS Technology Institute’s online forum, cyber security software experts have identified bots trying to piggyback on various information systems to find unsecured cryptocurrency portfolios around the world.


Didier Stevens claims that hackers use software that scans computers containing files containing information about the portfolios, allowing cyber criminals to access and steal online portfolios.


“I saw a few requests of this kind a few years ago, but this is the first time I’ve seen that much. The first time I observed this was late 2013, in the middle of the first big price rally of the BTC (Bitcoin). ”

While hackers roam the Internet to find Bitcoin wallet records, Stevens also pointed out that Ethereum portfolio customers were also targeted, according to RT.


Hackers attempt to access local Ethereum JSON-RPC interfaces, which should only be accessible by an individual system. Bypassing the authentication of portfolios, hackers can control an Ethereum client and thus steal funds.


Individuals who have synchronized the Ethereum blockchain on their system are at risk if their JSON-RPC interface allows incoming requests.


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