Morocco Has Just Banned Bitcoin
Morocco Has Just Banned Bitcoin

While several global policymakers have expressed their intention to regulate Bitcoin somehow in the last twelve months, very few regions of the world have completely banned the virtual currency. The steps taken to prevent people from buying and / or selling Bitcoin are considered largely necessary at this time and, in a sense, are being thrown at the top, which could be the overall worldwide launch.

But despite this, we have China take this dramatic step this year so far and as the latest news can be seen, Morocco has followed.

According to reports from the nation, the Moroccan government has decided to ban Bitcoin directly, thereby completely limiting or selling the ability to buy virtual currency in the region.

The announcement came out through a report issued by the Ministry of Finance of Morocco, titled Mise au point au sujet de l’use of the virtual monnaies (that is, translated “A focus on the use of virtual currencies” and details of the ban follows:

The Exchange Office would like to inform the public that transactions involving virtual currencies constitute a violation of foreign exchange regulations, and are subject to fines and fines by law.

While this is not too surprising development, this is a country that after all makes a lot of time and effort, can limit the amount of foreign exchange capital to enter and exit their border region, seems a bit rushed. from the perspective of global integration.

With blockchain technology that is likely to underpin global development over the next decade, Bitcoin and other virtual currencies must certainly be exchanged as a means of payment that supports this wave of technological advancement.

Explaining that virtual currencies are illegal, Marco is voluntarily exempt from this technological development.
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