Nasdaq Explores Privacy Policy on Blockchain
Nasdaq Explores Privacy Policy on Blockchain

Global Nasdaq trading exchange is coming into consumer rights protection on a blockchain.

In recent release from U.S. Department. Patent and Commercial Product, the company describes how you can use the assigned shareholder to get the beneficiaries, and use the digital wallet to allow owners to access these products.

According to the application:

“Information about ownership of property (for example, shares in a company, etc.) is kept in a bag, and data management services (referred to as” processing processing “) have we make use of information information. ”

The application notes the unique cryptographic location that is an appealing feature, saying it is clear that blockchain can not be repaired by malicious actors as a secure security protection of customer rights rights.

The fact that users can maintain storage even with a single boxing box only adds to the quality of the technology, such as the application.

Nasdaq will do the distributed network where each head will have the copy of the blockchain information, such as the application.

Nasdaq is searching for notes that you share to keep customer information, but not technically.

The materials said that “when compared with consumer ingredients like a blockchain with great power, more improvements in the performance, efficiency, and strengths of such technology are needed.”

Marketplace recommends blockchain technology concerns before. Earlier this month, Gustaf von Boisman, Nasdaq Clearing of Product Development, said technology could not immediately focus on existing systems.

At that time, Boisman said that the controversy was credible in blockchain systems integration with other financial systems.


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