Secret Service Agent Imprisoned Over Theft of Silk Road, Bitcoin
Secret Service Agent Imprisoned Over Theft of Silk Road, Bitcoin

A former US Secret Service agent for the court for further imprisonment for charges of theft of Bitcoin seized, she was already darkened by the Silke Road market.

Living W. Bridge, declared guilty of a thousand dollars from the US government, Bitcoin isinvestigating the Silke Road, was found guilty of money laundering and sentenced to 24 months in prison yesterday by a US district court judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco.

Seeborg judge ordered the sentence to be served to each other in order of the bonds Bridges at the time of the theft, Bitcoin is currently serving. He more bids, the bridges, Bitcoin are otherwise made to pay a fine of 1500, which is $ 10.4 million in the approximate totals, and the value of the currency, according to the press release.

Brother had previously admitted his crime, he learned the private key used to access a digital wallet belonging to the US government and transferring purses and 1600 BTC said.

If asked by the FBI San Francisco Division, IRS-101 Office, Washington DC Field units cyber crimes, among other agencies.

He was arrested in 2015, Bitcoin’s brother for theft and later arrested for trial in February 2016 before Americans leave prison. After declared, court court applications stolen Silk Road, which calls for additional charges of money fast wave.


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