The Dash Price Goes Up And Jumps More Than 30% In One Day
The Dash Price Goes Up And Jumps More Than 30% In One Day

Dash yesterday rose to $ 1,557.97, when market value exceeded $ 12 billion. The price was a record high for the currency, which began to rise last spring.

Dash surge accelerated significantly and jumped on Tuesday to $ 1,126.85 to $ 1,576.93: KSI 15:34:03 UTC for today. Dash has more than doubled to $ 600, which was achieved about a month ago.

Dash benefits from upgrades
The latest version of Dash Corein, which was launched just days before the rally started to accelerate in November, boosted the Dash block size by 2MB and added a few more enhancements, such as reduced transaction fees and efficient private events.

Dash has also set up an ImageCash pilot program to help launch Dash in Zimbabwe, a country known for monetary policy. Zimbabweans are dissatisfied with the inflation funds of their central bank, and some residents have turned to the crisis exchange as escape crates.

Nearly half of the Dash volume is concentrated on the South Korean Bithumbin Exchange, which is the main driver demand, although demand for that particular stock exchange station is often associated with pump and dump schemes.

Dash was one of the moderators of last week’s strong performance as the Bitcoin dominance index fell below 50% for the first time since October. After a week-long rally Dash, Astraleum, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, IOTA, NEM and EOS encryption all ten largest region, with the exception of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cashia, increased by more than 10% of daily profit.

What explains growth?
Last week, analysts have argued that institutional money and the entry of hedge funds originally led Bitcoin-cryptocurrency futures market investors to explore other major market currencies.

Others have shown the success of altcoins in the scalability of Bitcoin and the lack of integration of isolated witnesses. Leading purses slices, such as Block Chain and Coinbase, as well as Bitcoin Financial Transaction Advance Environments, have recommended the 10 and 30-year transaction fee in the dollar, as mempoolin’s bitcoin situation is informal events.

Dash has its own scalability plan that focuses on chain scaling. Dash founder Evan Duffield commented on the media blog that many believe chain scaling is impossible, but they have not explored alternative P2P architectures for better performance. Dash, he said, will show how far-reaching second-tier architecture can implement the project.

At the beginning of the year, Dash published its action plan as a mass decision. Dash Evolution was designed as a scalable and easy-to-use currency platform to provide mass.

The capacity of the user increases during each stage of development. Dash plans to double the number of developers with each version.


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