Deutsche Bank: Blockchain Possibilities Are “Enormous”
Deutsche Bank: Blockchain Possibilities Are “Enormous”

According to the Chief Investment Officer of Deutsche Bank, blockchain technology can significantly change the way companies conduct business.

At the slide presentation this month, Kristian Nolting, also the global bank treasurer, and Marcus Muller, global director of the CIO, explained how digital currencies and the bloc work and predict where to go in the future.

According to the lecture, “the opportunities associated with block technologies are enormous” and could be fully exploited in the next few years.

Bankers predicted that about 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) will monitor or otherwise “regulate” block bloc until 2027.

The presentation said:

“We expect blockchain to transform the company’s business model in a sustainable manner, enabling blocker technology to enable faster and cheaper exchange of assets and financial products between individuals without [agents], reducing the information asymmetry between individuals.”

Lukewarm on the currency

Although technology of blocking technologies is promising, cryptocurrencies are less, according to the presentation. The bank classifies digital currencies as “highly speculative” due to their lack of internal value or support from the central bank.

Although the cryptocurrency may be an alternative to currency currencies, more regulation and security must become a real asset class, especially in high-inflation countries, according to the presentation.

Digital currencies generally can develop in a number of ways, with some of the major factors influencing their growth in government intervention and inter-currency competition.

The possibility of creating new currencies could also be cause for concern as this could lead to inflation.

“In addition, central banks could develop their own crypto-coupling measures and replace private ones in the market,” she said.



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