With 2.2 billion global players and $ 109 billion in annual sales, the gaming industry is a growing giant. Of these annual sales, $ 94.4 billion comes mainly from the sale of digital goods directly from the publisher. And the game is expected to grow healthy as it moves towards a forecast of $ 128.5 billion by 2020.


But despite the meteoric rise of games, there is a huge untapped opportunity: secure and frictionless transactions of digital assets earned by players, products that players earn or improve by playing the game. Gameflip believes that a solution to this problem could easily open a new market for the game worth a trillion. Unfortunately, at the moment, digital products won by players are relegated to unnecessary waste, leaving players empty-handed when they leave a game and the same goes for the publisher’s digital products.


No matter how many thousands of dollars and countless hours have been spent getting the goods, the value of all these objects remains locked within the limits of every player account. A number of companies have attempted to address this loss of value for players and publishers. But the proper infrastructure has not been built to carry out the digital asset transaction safely and effortlessly.


Although forums like Reddit facilitate the exchange of digital goods, they are not an ideal solution because of a lack of transparency and an abundance of fraud. The Steam community market offers another solution, but it only allows players to trade on its platform.


This is where Gameflip hopes to make its mark as a trusted online market for buying and selling digital goods. Gameflip aims to revolutionize the game by extending its existing and tested platform to the open and public Blockchain. This platform gives players real property and the opportunity to liquidate their assets in a liquid ecosystem without fraud.


Take the chance

As it stands, there is no way to capture this huge market without working directly with game publishers. Game publishers own, develop and operate 100% of the game, including all digital products generated in this game. They are the custodians of the digital assets, and there is no way to move the goods to the Blockchain without their active participation.


They are also wary of the integration of a new technology – particularly that which is as new as the Blockchain – that could jeopardize their current revenues of $ 94.4 billion in digital assets. It is clear that the partnership threshold with publishers is high.


Gameflip, however, is confident of having a team that can partner with global game publishers to build and successfully develop a crypto-token and decentralized ecosystem for players. Gameflip’s team believes its track record speaks for itself and is well positioned to secure the partnerships necessary to realize this huge opportunity for a number of reasons.


Current flourishing platform

Gameflip has invested millions of dollars to build its platform, and it already works. They already have a community of two million members who make millions of dollars in sales a month. Gameflip is a case study that shows publishers not only the demand for digital goods transactions, but also its huge revenue opportunities.


Unlike other gaming product companies that are trying to use Blockchain, Gameflip is simply moving an already existing community and platform on the Blockchain to take the next step towards fraudless transaction delivery. Supported by smart contracts, the FLIP token (FLP) will allow players to buy and sell digital assets securely in any centralized or decentralized market.


Game and Publication Experts

The Gameflip team has the game and the entrepreneurial spirit in its DNA. Each member of the team has more than 10 years in the gaming industry, and the team has more than a century of collective experience in architecture, launching and operating gaming platforms free -to-play.


As Gameflip prepares to launch their Initial Coin Offering for the FLIP token, there is already evidence of significant interest from gamers, publishers and investors alike. By bringing more publishers onto the Blockchain, Gameflip hopes the snowball effect will continue driving FLIP into the spotlight.


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