Japan’s GMO Internet Group pays thousands of employees in Bitcoin
Japan’s GMO Internet Group pays thousands of employees in Bitcoin

Block chains development companies and critical foreign press have paid their employees critical currencies for many years, but it is understood that times really change when mainstream companies start to hire Bitcoin employees.

GMO Internet Group, a Japanese service provider, will offer a full range of Internet consumer services and enterprise markets, bringing a system in which employees receive a portion of their Bitcoin salary.

Tokyo is headquartered in the GMO Internet Group with over 60 companies in 10 countries. Given the size and economic strength of the group, this initiative would probably contribute to the common practice of pay.

Mobility is partly motivated Wish to encourage the introduction of Bitcoin, the GMO strategic priority. In fact, the group is heavily bitcoin mining trade and mining services as well as hardware development. Therefore, everything that is good for Bitcoin is good for GMOs as well.

In May 2017, the GM encryption currency, originally Z.com Coin, and later it was once again called GMO Coiniksi, which includes kryptourvaluokan FX: both computers and smartphones and trading. Exchange offers two types of services: kryptocurrency FX, which is over-the-bitcoin margin trading and cryptocurrency shop, which allows for virtual currency buying and selling JPY: In addition to the main features that allow customers to send and receive bitcoins.

In September 2017, the GMO announced the launch of a new Bitcoin mining business. “We are the next generation of mining center that takes advantage of renewable energy and innovative semiconductor chips in Northern Europe,” said GMOs, stressing that they are investing in research and development and manufacturing facilities, including the next generation of mining area.

“We use 7-nm high-end process technology chips in the mining process to collaborate in the research, development and manufacturing of our semiconductor design technology business.” The mining business is expected to commence in January 2018.

GM was convinced that the crypto-currencies will develop “new universalization of currencies” that are available from a country or region that wants to freely change the value of “creating a new unlimited economic space”.

The possibility to get part of the salary in Bitcoin is initially only a GMO employee – GMO Internet Co. Ltd. – for employees, starting in March 2018, but it will gradually be expanded to more than 4,000 employees in other GMO companies in Japan.

Minimum number of Bitcoin payment initially 10 000 yen (~ 88 USD) and the upper limit of 100 000 yen (~ USD 881). Yen yen wages are reduced by the amount of bitumen paid with the GMO exchange rate.

Mainichi Japan notes that Japan’s labor legislation provides that corporate workers must pay a recognized currency such as the yen, but genetically modified organisms after transfer in accordance with the laws, because Bitcoin payments will be adopted by mutual agreement. deducted from the payroll and placed on the purchase of Bitcoin. The encryption currency is gaining popularity in Japan as more and more retailers accept it as a payment method.

The GMO Internet Group aims to contribute to the development of critical currencies worldwide by promoting critical currency initiatives across the Group. In particular, GM wants to promote the bitcoin ownership among its employees – who may be the best evangelists products and services of the Group’s digital currency – to improve worker exposure and understanding of Bitcoin.

“Employers are now able to pay their employees a portion of their Bitcoin net income through the collaboration of special payments arrangements providers such as Bitwagen, compliance and governance risks associated with Wagepointin or Bitpayn, which dominate the back-end mechanics, Elimination of exposure to price fluctuations and reduce, noted Deloitte executive director Eric Piscini.

A recent review of critical payers and early customer adoption notes that wage bargaining in Bitcoin may facilitate the maintenance and attractiveness of businesses. In addition to current staff compensation “[Critical currencies] could help companies make efficient use of open-talent economics, where the individual assistants can be relied on business partners who offer features over victory only kryptavaluutta allows you: fast peer-to-peer -Payments at the borders of different countries with minimal friction (or total freedom) of the traditional banking system.


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