Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee sells his entire LTC Stake
Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee sells his entire LTC Stake
Litecoin creator Charlie Lee announced on Wednesday that he had finished all the LTC balances and donated to the Litecoin Foundation, even though it does not mean he is giving up the fifth largest of the most critical developments in the currency.

Charlie Lee sells the entire LTC balance
On Thursday night, Lee announced to reddit that he had sold the entire LTC balances and donated the proceeds originally for development in the year 2011, creating encryption currency that is now being developed full time.

He did this, he said, not because he no longer believes in litecoin or because he believed the price of a bubble, but because he had so much influence over the community, and that he had the ability to comment on the market for public Twitter and others move public platforms.

“Last year, I try to stay away from price-themed tweet but it’s hard because the price is such an important part of Litecoin growth. And if a tweet Litecoin price or even just the good news or the bad news, the fact is accused that it made for personal gain, “he said. “So in a sense, a conflict of interest is that I have the opportunity to keep LTC and tweet about it because I have so much effect … And there will always be doubts about whether each of my tekoistani will have their own personal wealth about success promote litecoin and cryptocurrency in general.

Lee added that because he no longer relied on the LTC in terms of ownership of economic security, he believed that his litecoin sale was the right way to give him the opportunity to do and give without having to focus on the project’s success in his opinion he has a direct financial incentive that is bound to his daily movements.

“That’s certainly a strange feeling, but somehow refreshing. Do not worry. I’m not finished Litecoin. I spend all this time working through Litecoin. If Litecoin succeeds, I rewarded in many different ways not directly by directly to the coins of the property. Now I believe that this is the best way to continue watching Litecoin growth, “he said.

Another answer from the LTC community
However, Ley received a notification of confusing response, where some members of the community praised him as a “victim,” while others questioned that his “personal” lack of investing would make him less in litecoin long-term success.

Mike Novogratz, $ 500 million a critical crisis management company Galaxy Investment Partner, questioned whether it’s good move, and announced on Twitter that he would be worried that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin or Joseph Lubin mined the eetteritasapainonsa.

“I think it’s very Bullish!” Lee answered.


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