The most recent Federal Reserve candidate, Marvin Goodfriend, is in favor of negative interest rates. In simple terms, if a retiree kept his or her cash in a savings account, that money would go down slowly as negative interest rates would feed into the principle.


This type of scenario is not as far-fetched as it may seem. Such a policy is possible among the major government powers because central banks allow arbitrary manipulation of interest rates.


What’s more, with central bank interest rates at zero or just above zero, the risk of inflation has reached a record high. Such inflation would further erode savings and devalue most major fiduciary currencies in the world.


In addition, transactions with fiduciary currencies are riddled with high fees, intermediaries, long waiting times and slow processing. The problem is real.


Monetary Solutions

Although the current cryptocurrency market offers some solutions, such as increased liquidity and the potential to control inflation and reduce fees, consumers are not entirely convinced. For a solution to be truly viable, it must also incorporate fiduciary money.


The X8currency platform has created an exchange solution that will really solve all these problems in one system. After 10 years of platform development, the X8 team has released the X8C ERC-20 token.


The token’s scientific base is based on the concept of diversification, allowing contributors to the X8 currency to diversify their investment in a wide range of fiduciary currencies (USD, JPY, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, CHF, NZD). and holdings in monetary gold. When an investor initiates a purchase, these funds are included in the large reserves held by the X8currency platform.


By diversifying into a number of currencies and gold, X8currency creates an automatic hedge against the fluctuations of any single currency or precious metal.


This diversification process is optimized by Automatic Reserve Management AI – an exclusive artificial intelligence system – that chooses the best possible combination of fiat and gold to provide investors with liquidity and stability.


Internal functionality

To protect users from the legal risks associated with securities laws, the X8currency team has created a two-token structure. The X8C token is directly related to the reserve deposits within the platform. This makes it the central token on the market because it is created whenever an investor moves funds into the X8currency platform.


The parallel token, X8X, is a utility token, designed as a gatekeeper token that requires users to go through the usual KYC verification (know your customer) before accessing the X8C tokens. Investors must hold X8X Tokens to purchase X8C Tokens.


The system is designed to bridge the crypto and fiat worlds, and is designed according to Swiss financial standards. For more information, check out the X8currency blog or read their carefully crafted white paper.


By establishing a unique link between the crypto and fiat worlds, and providing a controlled diversification structure for hedging, X8currency has created a method to protect the liquidity of more than 3.5 billion people in the world’s eight major currencies . The impacts of inflation, interest rate manipulation and arbitrary central bank control can be mitigated or eliminated through the X8currency platform.


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