Review: show the channels of the SnapChat application with Crypto Edge
Review: show the channels of the SnapChat application with Crypto Edge

The basics
Like most social networks, Reveal is a somewhat strange and entertaining journey to mundane life, with users devoting publications to everything from the evidence of their skills to turn tortillas to their thoughts on ancient questions about wealth and fame. .

Perhaps the most interesting is that the application includes an integrated cryptocurrency (currency revealed) that users currently earn based on the number of other people who invite the network (tracked through references) and the amount of “I like” that they receive their contents. Reveal currently offers 100 RVL for each ‘like’, 1,000 RVL at the time of registration and 10,000 RVL for each new member a user invites, although these figures will change over time, says the company.

In the future, users will also be able to obtain advertising income from the application and, potentially, from new actions that the company wants to incentivize. Reveal intends to maintain 75% of its revealing currency as an investment in the future performance of the asset, which will gain value as advertisers eliminate the RVL from the system through purchases.

There will only be a total of 52 billion of RVL, with 13 billion allocated to users of applications.

Using the service
The Reveal registration process is fast and hassle-free, and only requires a few simple steps.

To register, a user provides their first and last name and can choose to connect their Twitter account. Next, they are asked to connect an email account and a phone number (verified by text message), then the registration is complete.

Click on the gallery below to see more images of the application in use:


Navigating the application
Once inside, users get the ability to view and browse publications in three sequences, one dedicated to friends, the other to trend publications and the final to all publications on the network.

True to its name, the video or photos appear with an outer layer designed to be peeled so that users can ‘reveal’ the content. Often, the outside of the messages takes shape with a messy combination of text, emoticons, colors and patterns offered by the application.

Publish content
After a small scan, users who want to appear can click on a blue-green arrow in the upper right corner, which will access the application’s camera.

From there, users click to take a photo or press and hold to take a video (which can be easily deleted with a click). The videos in the service are limited to 15 seconds, and those who shoot for too long and see a signal time in the red bar are shutting down.

Also available on this screen is the option to choose how long the photo or video remains accessible to potential viewers, and users can limit this window to 24 hours.

Once the inner content has been created, users can draw a cover slide (by adding their own messy exterior), then click on ‘publish’ to share with others.

Asking a question
One of the most advertised features of the application is the ability to reveal coins to encourage other users to answer questions.

For example, fans of Vine’s stars such as the Miuccio brothers (three denizens of muscular beaches with 18,000 YouTube followers and 732,000 Vine followers) can ask questions with the currency revealed. The more you reveal the attached currency, the higher the message appears in the user’s inbox and the more likely it is that, in theory, you post a response.

The incentive is also only for a limited time, since after 24 hours, those who post unanswered questions with a revealed currency are returned the funds.

Users can also answer questions sent via the question tab (which is accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the left side of the screen) or initiate Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions that invite other users to interact with them.

Making friends
As with other popular social networks, Reveal users can follow others with relative ease by clicking on their photo below the content to access their profile page.

In line with its design for mobile devices, the profiles show an image and a section of “sentences” of one or two sentences together with the metrics of how many followers the user has won and how many publications they have made.

The profile also encourages engagement, with a prominent “question” bar displayed on the page.



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