Sending a circle to the Cryptocurrency Investment App in 2018
Sending a circle to the Cryptocurrency Investment App in 2018

Blockchain startup Circle has a priority with plans to launch new investment-related products, setting out a new series for release next year.

Although the time did not show the data way – including its direct launch date – revealing its plan for the “Circle Invest” app in a new post on its website today. In the statements to CoinDesk, Circle said he wanted to create such tools for investors after a start-up called Trigger Finance.

“Become one of the first to try our new digital investment product, coming in 2018,” wrote Circle, making it a zero commission and would include functionality of “money diversity”. The screen of the bitcoin app, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and XRP are mentioned as supported currencies.

The quiet exposure comes about the bitcoin price, the largest market loss in market capital, at the price level of $ 10,000.

It also follows a series of product notices from the firm, including the one for CENTER, an ethereum-based system to enable transactions between different digital wallets.

Although details of the product are limited, the website said Circle:

“Circle started in 2013, and we have been working in print since then. We are looking forward to disclosing the latest effort.”


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