Survey: Most Bitcoin Investors expect Real Fill Returns in 2018
Survey: Most Bitcoin Investors expect Real Fill Returns in 2018

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Most of the bitcoin investors are in the US. Hopefully the cryptocurrency will still be better this year than the seventeen evaluation, according to a new publication survey.

LendEDU, a loan starter for digital students who published four such surveys asking for various questions about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, 565 Americans assessed between November 9 and November 13, 2017. It found that 77% of the participants believe bitcoin price will grow more rapidly in 2018 than it did this year.

Although the 2017 bitcoin began to travel just under $ 1,000, it was trading more than $ 16,500 with hards over $ 17,000 at December 14, according to the Bitcoin’s CoinDesk Price (BPI) Index.

As a result, almost 75% of investors intend to increase the amount of investments in bitcoin next year, with less than 10% planning, the LendEDU survey.

On the other hand, around 31.5% of respondents want to sell some of their bitcoins at least in 2018, and 40% said they would not be and 28.5% were unsure.

A smaller majority, 51%, said they would do at least one physical purchase using the cryptography, and 30% not sure if they were.

LendEDU said that regulation can help stabilize the bitcoin price, but excessive regulation could conflicts with its core principles and that some of its supporters could alienate. When asked, 50% of respondents said they would not like to regulate more, and hair over 30 percent of respondents said they’d like to see more regulation.

The team said:

“We found that the redundancy of Bitcoin investors does not require additional regulations in 2018. However, we thought it was interesting to see that 20 percent of our respondents are not sure about the idea of ​​increased regulation.”

The results of this survey come closely with the previous months. In November, the company noted that around a third of respondents on a bitcoin survey already sold some of their investment, although most of them did not.


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