Zcash sets a roadmap for updating the block in 2018
Zcash sets a roadmap for updating the block in 2018

The Zcash development team is planning a network upgrade for next year, according to today’s track.

Co-founder Zooko Wilcox and CTO Nathan Wilcox write two upgrades – “Overwinter” and “Sapling” – in an updated map earlier this year on the Zcash blog. According to Post, next year’s upgrade goal will be “to further enhance Zcash’s performance, security, and usefulness.”

The first update, Overwinter, should take place in June 2018. This feature focuses on “Designing and future network upgrades for users, including administration control.” While details are in detail, Wilcoxes said the update’s future details would be published on the future blog post.

The second, which takes place in September, focuses on the “Sapling” protocol, which aims to increase the possibilities of proprietary data-protection-protected transactions.

The both wrote:

“Sapling will enable the Sapling protocol update, increasing time and storage sequentially for secure transactions and mobile letter support, as well as relying on the setting of Powers of Tau parameters, which greatly simplifies the risk of adjustments Parameters for zkSNARK applications (including other applications outside of Zcash). ”

The article concludes that upgrades can be found in other upgrades, including intelligent affiliate functionality and the study of participation algorithms.

“Options include scalability improvements to enable virtually unlimited transactions, new consensus algorithms such as proof of the stake, and private and scalable smart deals,” they wrote.


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