Debitum Network (DEB)- Global small business financing
Debitum Network (DEB)- Global small business financing

Debitum Network is designed to unite borrowers and those who help them investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurers, etc apply for a DEB token.

Companies or individual professionals who work in the alternative finance space can connect-in to the network for free and immediately begin facilitating cross-border and amazing deals.

Debitum Network is Built as a Hybrid Platform

All actions are processed through the Ethereum Blockchain, making Debitum Network a secure and incorruptible infrastructure. It’s made up of an Ethereum-based family of smart contracts, facilitated by one internal means of payment.

Transactions run through Fiat currencies, ensuring businesses can actually use the service easily in their locality, and from day one.

Debitum Token Economy And How it Works

The more loans processed via Debitum Network, the more DEB tokens are needed.

As all service providers need to freeze some tokens, DEB token supply is limited.

In crypto world, increased token value often represents that the company is evolving rapidly.

Based on DEB token usage within its lifetime for each loan, total needed to buy DEB tokens will surpass total ability to sell DEB tokens, thus creating upward pressure on DEB token price. Debitum Network is solving the $2 trillion problem, therefore growth potential is huge.

Here’s is How it Actually Works

1. Contribute

Contribute to Debitum Network and receive your DEB tokens.

2. Debitum Network – solution for small businesses financing

– Fernando runs a timber company in Brazil and would like to export his production to the Netherlands.

– Currently as Fernando has no money for international business growth, he sells all his production quite cheaply to Alex, a middleman taking care of business development in the Netherlands and logistics.

– Fernando finds Debitum Network and puts a loan application for 20,000 USD with 12% interest rate, providing his production in his warehouse as a collateral.

– Many investors from the USA and Europe decide to finance Fernando and provide him with the loan of 20’000 USD.

– Fernando is happy to see his business grow as he has more money. As Fernando successfully establish his operations in the Netherlands with the help of his friend Sarah, investors are paid back the loan.

3. Your profit grows together with Debitum Network

We use your contributions to fully launch our solution in a lot of markets.

Everyone with spare money can join Debitum Network and provide a loan to Fernando or any other company.

As Debitum Network grows worldwide, with a very limited amount of DEB tokens in the market, the value of acquired tokens could well increase around 10x times.

Here’s why investors have pegged Debitum Network at the top of ICO log…

Debitum Network had a quick start and it grew fast in no time.

1. It’s already an expert in alternative decentralized financing. There’s a fully functioning network of individual investors and international funds, plus funding requests from SME’s, already waiting. Which will be fueled by Debitum.

2. Debitum (DEB) – It’s sustainable The Debitum token will fuel every transaction on Debitum Network. Thus, becoming a sustainable cryptocurrency that’ll grow in value over time as the Debitum eco-system becomes more widespread.

3. Debitum already have a developed and functional MVP Full Blockchain infrastructure that runs on ETH

Based on real financing requests from SME’s.


Debitum Network is not a startup built by college kids in a basement. You’re not to worry because they are a team of inspired finance and technology professionals who’ve already achieved success working in the alternative financing eco-system. With a roadmap that extends back to 2015 when it Incorporated DEBIFO – an alternative finance company up until date with Debitum Network 1.0 the latest in its gigantic archive.


On 31 October, the project beat 120 other applicants in the highly regarded ICO Pitch Competition at d10e Gibraltar, the leading international conference in decentralization. Debitum won both the jury and audience awards, the first time this has happened in the history of the event.



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