The Current Problem With Nocoiners
The Current Problem With Nocoiners

It is, according to Urban Dictionary, is someone with no bitcoin. But everyone who does not have any bitcoin will be necessary later.

Instead, not only does the nocoiner harmlessly have nothing to do without cryptography from his investment portfolio, but his true attitude.

Urban Dictionary definition, posted in December – by the time the word entered into a bitcoin community – goes on to describe nocoiners as:

“… people who have lost the chance to buy Bitcoin at a low price … and who are [are] bitter now when they have lost. The nocoiner takes his bitter bit on Bitcoin Hodlers, constantly demanding Bitcoin scam, bubble, or other types of FUD can easily quote. ”

In other words, there is a complete nocoiner of what philosophers re-instate, defined by La Wik as “restoring the pain of a sense of absence / failure of an external scapegoat.”

The Twitter user called @crackbagged took this psychological insight into the Central Office in June last year, warning colleagues that would not succeed when the price reaches $ 1 million:

“Bitcoin people can tell you and attack you. You could be accused of witchcraft and be treated well or worse. It is a dangerous place to mind a person (Bitcoin who is not Bitcoin). ”

Marco Santori, a lawyer who started to start bitcoin from the initial days and now, the president and legal chief Officer, Blockchain, the purse supplier, recently tweeted the word “nocoiner”, writing that “we have a bitter taste – vs-them for it “and” party driver smacks. ”

But nocoiners are accompanied by at least tribal signage as bitcoiners. The nocoiner is not just skeptical or even bearish about bitcoin. It operates epistemic certainty to succeed.

Nocoiner does not show simply the suspicion of cases of use for cryptococcality – it confirms uncertainly that there are no cases of use, in the truth of the contrary. (A sub-set of nocoiners will confirm that the only criminal uses, implicitly committing the logical failure of appeals to the law.)

The evangelist fervor nocoiner feels the bitcoiner, but he’s a bit religious as opposed to – and he’s not surprisingly.

It is believed that the first use of “nocoiner” on Twitter in February 2017, although the term has been used in 4chan fora for many years. But it could be said that there were long nocoiners before Satoshi’s white paper. As long as people in the world walked, maybe.

In the late nineteenth century, Nietzsche compared the night’s nocroners to tarantulas: “In the light of their mourning, it is the truth and seems to be judging.”

My fault
Cards on the board: I was myself a proto-nocoiner in the late 1990’s, ten years before the Genesis’s Bitcoin block.

Working at a daily banking newspaper (a phrase that will be possible for our children), I put the competition up and regularly visited F ** ked Company, a web site that has been printed on non-streamlined rumors and Bankruptcy at high receipts of startup (what’s the name edgy, then I thought).

Incredible about market valuations for companies that have no profit or even income, I put my eyes forward and I looked forward to the day to explode the internet bubble. Once the nonsense is over, I thought we can focus on writing about serious companies. Like Countrywide, ha ha.

In my defense, there were many of those high tech companies that I really did, and most had gone or got. But the internet has still changed the economy (although the financial services industry was less) and the subsequent mortality boost and mortgage was much more damaging, everything was considered.


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