Unable to fix: Etherum Users Spurn Recovery Code
Unable to fix: Etherum Users Spurn Recovery Code

The government has broken it up so that it does not move to a better position to support the lost money on the platform.

In the case of the release of the Yoichi Hirai ambassador, who stopped his software supervision program on Thursday, local authorities have brought Github to ask questions about the issue he had left behind.

Over the last 24 hours, the GitHub network has been sent to more than 80 states, where many claim that they have “not supported” or “opposed” the official updates (EIP) 867, which specified method to clarify it. using the global software to upgrade the lost money on the platform.

Often because of the wrong code, retrieving is a soft topic for the platform, primarily leading to a cryptocurrency crystalline called terrestrial intelligence.

The tough response, which many come forward in promoting promotion for the producer, highlights the difference between silence and weekly, and some point out that this entry is “full conviction give me my country. ”

Speaking about eating, the producer William Entriken warned of the consequences by coordinating the cost of a ransom in the statements that reflected the effect.

“This is an unexpected chance of obtaining a quick, easy text, and tool like this,” he wrote.

Others complied with this law as “awful” and “music, in full play,” while another commented that “it contradicts all I think these employees are.”

The crime also reflects the reaction experienced by the producer last week, while my spokeswoman Vlad Zamfir commented on the importance of community feedback on the matter, saying that IPIP 867 may be very important to achieve the IT process.

Adding to the problem is that confusion has come to the level of the law, which enters the GitHub, the first as the “edition” (or original figure), and as “cast”, The quick list of the code will be in line with the live code code.

According to James Levy from Tap Trust, one of the three leading directors did not know that, and Gitub closed the service that night, unquestionably in the case of EIP 867.

At present, however, this appealing appeal is open, and during the moment of press, continue to create feedback.


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