The global shipping giant UPS is considering accepting bitcoins through an article-exchange locker service, showing recently published patents.

UPS is observing a system of locker banks that can take digital forms of payment, according to a request issued by the USPU (Patent and Trademark Office) on Thursday. In addition to traditional payment systems, the list of patents lists bitcoins as a possible currency to pay.

The deposit outlines a system of lockers in which a party that trades or sells an item can leave it in the locker so that a buyer can withdraw at will. Some of these lockers can be configured to accept payments if the parties are renting the locker.

The deposit outlines several methods by tenants can pay for the locker, specifically stating:

“In examples of implementation, the bank for lockers may include a point-of-sale (POS) system for the acceptance of payment by users in the form of: (1) a cash transaction; (2) a transaction with credit or debit card; (3) a gift certificate; (4) an electronic payment, such as payment by Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin; and / or (5) any other appropriate payment method. ”

The patent application again mentions bitcoin later, as a method to reimburse customers, among the more traditional payment methods such as credit.

The deposit is the last example of a patent application that lists bitcoins as a possible payment method. While this is not indicative of the fact that companies are moving en masse to accept cryptocurrency, its inclusion as an option highlights its profile as a means of digitized exchange.

In 2017, over 20 patents filed by the USPTO cited Bitcoin as a possible payment system. While the number has slightly decreased since 2016, more than 50 patents filed by the agency in the last two years reflect this line of thinking.


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