Websites that can be classified may require Databases, Extra
Websites that can be classified may require Databases, Extra

There is a gap in the spot for an offline web site.

The least of which is according to Bluzelle, which has invested $ 19.5 million in the intial coin offering (ICO) to manage a network of dedicated databases.

While many companies, including Filecoin and Storj, already working on dedicated files storage, Bluzelle is looking at databases that store data quickly and easily access to websites and applications to draw from.

These data packages make a few useful websites for interactive communications, such as update date and stock. And Bluzelelle wants to bring this kind of flexibility to a dedicated website, which is now as slow as good.

Databases called for websites and quick access applications to readily accessible, modified and updated updates. And follow the advantages by investors to pay what they call “signals,” it seems that it is now critical that now is the time to invest in this process.

Bluzelle has allocated 10 percent of the total water supply of 500 million crypto spirits to 7,5058 people and organizations.

Kenetic Capital, Kryptonite1 and 8 Decimal Rate have been subscribed to ICO, followed by $ 1.5 million from Bluzelle’s residing in August, at the forum of Global Brain, LUN Partners Capital and the Citizenship Program.

While MySQL and various internet-based software editing software packages, Pavel Bains, Managing Director and Co-founder of Bluzelle, say that you believe that advanced cultural companies will switch to the type basic databases that are compatible with technology.

One reason, he said, is that these types of technologies do not have a failure point that has given the forensic perspective in recent years.

Bains told CoinDesk:

“We’re viewing it as a complement of all human rights … A personal complimentary thing will be at the databases. What we have seen, last year no someone who is handling this problem. ”

No one, but two signs
In fact, Bluzelle does not create a logo, it creates two.

Firstly, BLZ, is an ERC-20 signal symbol of ethereum sold at ICO time. BLZ will be used to use second, BTN, which is only created for use on Bluzelle sale.

What Bluzelle found, as others, such as Kik and Mobius, is noticeable, that the ethereum charges are relatively slow and important for a job that, in general, will need to work many business deal.

“If it’s not fast, it’s not attractive,” Bains says.

In this way, BTN will work as quick as possible, less reliable for small applications.

Additionally, the company wants to be able to provide “first-time savings,” the interpretation of fees paid to specific sections for hosting, distributing and writing data, will change on fly based on demand on the network.

Bains told CoinDesk:

“If you make all kinds of charges [including] a credit card or a local organization, you will have a lot of business.”

So why did you create the ERC-20 mark at the beginning?

Because of the crypto signals that will be a trademark on the product market that is displayed to trace a great nation of advanced people. And as BLZ will be a trademark with BTN, the search to access and use this site should be displayed in the ERC-20 currency, Bains said.

Local synchronization
While Bluzelle has a competition in the original space of the proposed corporate system, it can be the right for all users, such as Keld van Schreven, founder of the Kryptonite1 blockchain and Bluzelle backer.

For example, because the world’s mondiator Bluzelle can regain, we can change, it will be a supplement to some of the tools, including those who must obey the “forgotten” rights of Europe.

Still, Bain says, Bluzelle is translated to be “something that is compatible with all citizens.”

Currently, Bluzelle is focusing on the convenience site, discussing predictions, trading exchange transactions and data streaming services such as early maturing products.

Each of these products contains active operators as well as writing large levels of data (simultaneously once), which is designed for natural use for Bluzelle.

Now that ICO has completed, Bains says the company is focusing on “building a source based source council,” because founder is one of the most advanced technologists.

“Our decision is to start with the dapps,” he said.

And with that, Bluzelle expects her first appearance to take place in April, with the largest launch decision for July.


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