CEO of Nasdaq: “We will definitely consider being a Cryptocurrency Exchange”
CEO of Nasdaq: “We will definitely consider being a Cryptocurrency Exchange”


Having the world’s second-largest trillion-dollar debt and a $ 9 trillion dollar market, Nasdaq is open to exchanging crypto currency on a regulated market.

In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box on television, Nasdaq’s board chairman asked Nasdaq’s management board and in particular the position of the crypto currencies as a service provider.

“Many people do not have any liquidity on the stock market, even if they enter the [crypto currency] market,” said Kevin O’Leary, the host and “Shark Tank” shark, “is not Nasdaq a natural place for that?

“An area that is not organized today is not something we decided to change [crypto], we are now giving our technology to other crypto changes,” he said, leading to Nasdaq’s surveillance technology. Use by Gemini to track crypto-currency trading pairs in bitcoin and Ethereum.

Specifically he added:

Over time, if you look at it and people say they are ready for a more regulated market for something that provides a fair experience for investors, Nasdaq will consider a crypto exchange over time.

If there was a person who believed in crypto-currency, he said:

I can definitely say that – I believe digital currencies will continue. It’s a matter of how long this field will mature. When you look at her and say, “We want to provide a regulated market for it,” Nasdaq will definitely take it.


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