The suspect “Big Bitcoin Heist” Escapes from Iceland prison
The suspect “Big Bitcoin Heist” Escapes from Iceland prison

In Iceland’s “Great Bitcoin Heist” suspect architect behind Thor in Sindri Stefansson, Iceland escaped from a prison and fled to Sweden where he reported. Stefansson, millions of dollars worth of millions of dollars Bitcoin mining and crippled an Altcom flight in flight of a group of suspects.

The local media “Great Bitcoin Heist” he describes as theft, because he is the worst thief Scandinavian island shook Iceland’s historically low crime nation, bitcoin price and mining profits in December and emerged while the peak in January.

Police chief Gunnar Schram explained that Stefansson had not led the escape alone, in a statement to local news magazine Visir: “There was an accomplice, be confident.” Meanwhile, the commissioner police said that “Big Bitcoin Heist” represented a “great thrill on an unprecedented scale”.

Low security prison
Stefansson was placed in a low security prison a week ago while in detention since February. In the current prison, prisoners are not limited to fences and have access to facilities such as Wi-Fi and telephone service.

Professor at the University of Iceland, Los Angeles Times, a high profile culprit Stefansson for holding a prison of this nature “unusual” decision only “organized escape” and said he had competition.

According to reports, he escaped through a window before going to Keflavik International Airport, about 60 miles in length and here he used a stolen passport to board a plane bound for Sweden.

Prison went that the plane flew to understand that while the guards, but also with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Stockholm where he met the Prime Minister of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdot the vehicle.

Although Stefansson has not yet been arrested, an international arrest warrant has been issued.

In cold condition
Meanwhile, memory drives containing stolen computers, graphics cards, power supplies, anacles and Bitcoin mining operations have not yet been recovered. Bitcoin has been arrested by a number of suspects related to mining anomalies, but remains an open case.

Iceland, because of the low cost and generous diet fueled by the volcanic islands in the country, not to mention the cold temperatures of the Arctic because of energy, help cool computers in the process of intensive mining is a shelter for Bitcoin minors.

Iceland has a population of 340,000 and allocates more electricity to households than to bitcoin extraction. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and this is also where WikiLeaks is launched.


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