A daily show comedian showed to grill an Ethereum lecture
A daily show comedian showed to grill an Ethereum lecture

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The Ronny reported Chieng, chief correspondent of the satirical news program The Daily Show, who entered the Ethereal Summit with ConsenSys founder and CEO Joseph Lubin and Kavita Gupta, managing director of ConsenSys’ business, the scene on Saturday.

Chieng, who spoke in December with Lubin in the show, criticized the big promise and the hype in the industry again. He argued that many people in the industry use complicated terminology and words that were “invented” about two years ago or so in order to conceal the fact that they do not really know how technology is going change the world.

The correspondent of the Daily Show said:

“You can talk to these people about everything. You can talk about the NBA playoffs and they would say, “Yes, we will use the block chain to defeat LeBron.

In a room full Ethereum pendant found jokes Chiengs laugh, but also questions that fans of the chain of blocks should stimulate thinking.

For example Chieng has criticized all the attention that has gained cryptocurrency, and has put his renewed interest in question because there is peer-to-peer technology for the BitTorrent file-sharing platform distributed.

Lubin – the difficulties had to get a word – confirmed, but said the time had come for decentralized technology.

. “BitTorrent was attacked significantly, it was stigmatized and did not come out at a time when there was a general mood,” countered Lubin, adding:

“Trust is lost in centralized institutions.”

In fact, several commenters mentioned on the two-day conference the recent Facebook scandal, in which third-party private data from Facebook users gained as an example of how history is beginning to change these centralized institutions.

the madness of money

Nevertheless Chieng persisted and said that prices fluctuating dramatically from crypto currencies should be considered as an obvious sign of a bubble. Although he is scolding, he is more than willing to make money with her.

Block chain, he said, was “what stupid people I can win in the short term.

According to Chieng, this mission has not yet been accomplished. He told the audience that after the first segment of Daily Show with Lubin spectator thanked him by e-mail that he wanted to dogecoin the idiot with a cryptocurrency pumps mascot dog Shiba Inu, (although the show spoke negatively of).

“And then I’m stupid jumped on Ripple What mistake that was,” said Chiang, before declaring: “Ripple whore.

Lubin tempered exuberance over the price, said that ConsenSys has a policy that developers can not talk about the price, suggests the usual narrative in the space that technology is much more important and interesting than the price.

But, says Lubin, bull markets are beautiful because they inspire more funds and the participation of entrepreneurs and technologists.

“It’s great if the price goes up, because it brings more resources into the ecosystem,” said Lubin.

Chieng always seemed to be skeptical and perhaps talked with the feelings of many strangers on the space:

“It is either the biggest fraud or the most underrated asset of humanity. It could still be anyway.


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