Partner of the Boston Exchange tZero will launch a regulated exchange of security tokens
Partner of the Boston Exchange tZero will launch a regulated exchange of security tokens

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The operator of the Boston Stock Exchange announced a partnership with the subsidiary of TZero Restes to launch the first exchange of security tokens regulated in the world.

The joint venture, revealed Tuesday, will allow Tzero and Digital Markets BOX of the Boston Stock Exchange to develop a regulated website that allows trading in blockchain tokens classified as securities in accordance with federal regulations.

The platform, which has not yet been mentioned, could offer companies the opportunity to hold initial offers of coins (ICO) of violating federal laws on lower-risk securities. This could also pave the way for public companies to mark their action and issue shares on a chain of blocks.

Lisa Fall, CEO and President of Digital BOX BOX Options Exchange, direct the operation of the new platform.

She said:

“The success of TZero in this innovative area, combined with the expertise of BOX in operating an options market of highly effective and transparent action, facilitated the partnership and we look forward to creating a platform for creating world-class safety ratings.

Noursalehi Saum, who recently served as Tzero General Manager following the departure of Patrick Byrne from Overstock, said that this initiative is a “milestone” for integrating the markets in the block chain in traditional finance.

“Our partnership with BOX Digital Markets is an important step that regulates the initial exchange regulated by the effectively designed SEC to negotiate crypto subtitles. Leadership Lisa Fall, the reputation and extensive experience in the regulated stock market sector This will be a great advantage to achieve this goal.

“Together, we will continue to work with the SEC as we develop a unique platform of its kind to integrate blockchain capital markets into the current domestic United States system,” he added.

BOX Digital will be working on the exchange of security tokens, while Tzero will bring money into the company and its concession block chain of proprietary technology to the platform.


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