Binance launches first Fiat-Crypto shopping in Uganda
Binance launches first Fiat-Crypto shopping in Uganda

BinanceThe world’s largest CryptoCurrency stock market opened for the first time in Africa to offer fiat trading pairs.

On Thursday, the company announced the launch of the first fiat encryption – Binance in Uganda. The change will support Uganda’s reward money and begin accepting new user registrations before commerce begins.

As with the introduction of a new exchange, Binance faces a zero transaction fee a month after the start of trading for new users, and the stock market “will be announced at a later date”.

In addition, Binance encourages the first 20,000 new registered users with 0.5,000 coins (BNB), which is the common beneficiary of the exchange operator. Promotion limited to 10,000 BNBs is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis for users who can withdraw their attachments after KYC-based authentication requirements.

In recent years, Uganda’s access to financial services has led to a rapid increase in digital participation by the widespread adoption of mobile money platforms. According to a World Bank report, more than half of Uganda’s adult population now has access to an account that is now an official financial institution. This figure is almost double the 2009 figure. Only 16% of the adult population is a statistic that emphasizes the need for more financial participation.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, was founded in China and set up an operation base in Hong Kong before moving its headquarters to Malta for an appropriate regulatory environment, following conflicts with Hong officials. Kong and Japan. Recently.

Earlier this year, Binance also announced that investors intend to launch a distributed crypto-currency exchange to allow crypto-currency trading with distributed shopping systems in the crypto-currency system. third for traders’ money.


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