“Independence Day”: Tron activates Mainnet after a month’s migration
“Independence Day”: Tron activates Mainnet after a month’s migration

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Tron (TRX), the tenth largest CryptoCurrency with a $ 2.8 billion capital of revolution, officially took over the main network after a month’s passage to the independent block chain.

Tron celebrates Independence Day
Previously, the TRX was built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, which the Tron resides in since 2017 with the first offer of money (ICO).

Migration began with the beta version of Odyssey 2.0, the platform’s mainstream software, on May 31, but developers devoted about four weeks to transitions so that researchers have enough time to identify the errors. new network.

Justin Sun

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Greetings to the #ethereum! Happy #TRON Independence Day! #TRX $ TRX
06.07 – June 25, 2018
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The Tron is a kind of consensus, Proof-of-the-way, that 12-hour official activation of a live stream is initiated by MainNet and the users play the chips first “Super Representative Selection,” to vote for those whose work confirms the operations for the cryptomonnaie algorithm. -Stake (PoS).

Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, said, “TRON is built on a community of active users who need to announce their voices. “The choice of the Super Representative is the basic democratic characteristic of Independence Day, giving each TRON user a promise of the future of the block chain and a practical role in how the future will be built.”

Plagiarism claims continue to Tron developers and tactics
In particular, the thicker estimates below the launch of the big Ethereum and EOS competitors from their own bases are the first step down the MainNet activation despite the investors do not seem to have a significant effect on the activation price tron. TRX is currently at 1.9 percent and is the 81st largest among the top 100 crypto coins.

The reason for this may be that the launching of Tron’s new generation block chain may conflict with the problematic reports about the quality.

Researchers have tried to hide files by changing their filenames, according to the blockchain KKK, which identified several samples of TRX code base that other developers, including Ethereum, have plagiarized. Even more disturbing is the emergence of the Tron for the first time, capturing other block-chain projects without the presence of atifft.

Nuzzi Lucas, one of the researchers exposed to plagiarism, said that after analyzing all the basic TRX code, it was concluded that this project was the result of “Frankenstein crypto.”


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