Kerala Indian State Putting Milk and Fish Supply Chains on a Blockchain
Kerala Indian State Putting Milk and Fish Supply Chains on a Blockchain

The Kerala government, a state in South India, is turning to chaining technology every day to organize the supply chain market buying process.

The new project, the Press Trust report in India, aims to speed up the supply chain networks, including the distribution of milk, vegetables and fish in the state, using blockchain technology. The Kerala Strategic Council for Development and Innovation (K-DISC) will lead the project, which will include the use of RFID tags and IOT devices. to follow the transport.

With its implementation in the dairy sector, K-DISC president KM Abraham said the block truck will constantly monitor milk production, supply and distribution to ensure rapid delivery to millions of people. day. In addition, the transport of the pumped stream in cooled trucks at specific temperatures will also be monitored using RFID tags and IOT equipment.

Specifically, there will be a separate description of each component of the supply chain network that will be recorded in the block chain, allowing the product quality to be monitored in real time at the source at each stage of the chain.

Landing points and agricultural landmarks will also be linked using geographically coded images, which will permit real-time tracking and verification of goods at all stages of delivery, from storage to point and from shopping centers to the point. sales of a customer. .

The Kerala government also considers the use of blockchain technology for plant protection systems for farmers. The tank of thought will be “smarter and flawless”, which will allow farmers to process and settle their claims faster due to product failures resulting from natural disasters, including floods and famine. .

In addition, the authority will help blockchain technology to determine whether crop losses are due to natural causes and to resolve disputes between insurers and farmers, while removing the need for intermediaries.

In Kerala, the capital Tiruvananthapuram is hosting a “blockchain academy” where students are trained in blockchain solutions with a special focus on the banking and health sectors.


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