Polkadot developer Robert Habermeier earns a respectable Thiel Scholarship
Polkadot developer Robert Habermeier earns a respectable Thiel Scholarship
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Polkadot developer Robert Habermeier, co-founder of PayPal, and bitcoin became the latest crypto money maker developer to buy a prestigious Thiel Foundation Scholarship founded by bull Peter Thiel.

Each year, the Thiel Foundation has 20 to 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 23 and rewards $ 100,000 over a two-year period. The Foundation encourages peers to leave the school and maintains their enthusiasm along the way with advice and support. Thiel scholarship director Allyson Dias said, “The college is not for everyone, not for everyone who is new to the language. Young people learn better in the real world by doing something.

This year, four of 20 works selected with Blockchain – Aparna Krishnan, Axel Ericsson, Daniel Ternyak and Robert Habermeier. Vitalik Buterin, co-creator of Ethereum, is a former beneficiary of the blockchain industry. Companies built under the Foundation’s board of trustees will have a value of $ 3 billion as of June 22, which has a market value of approximately $ 50 billion and excludes the most valuable Ethereum.

Dias believes that the parity project is very important for the future of Polkadot, just as Habermeier’s crypto money is for the future, just as in the project it participates in. The team is developing a heterogeneous, multi-channel technology that does not address existing blockchain issues such as security, scalability and interoperability. This network will bring together various obstacles, intelligent contracts or any application and will communicate seamlessly between the other obstacles.

The parity substat seems to be based on the Polkadot project. Habermeier explained that on a video, Parice could be used to write any block of chains because of his experience working with different customers. This framework promises to help users create new blockages more easily and more intuitively.

Thiel Stock Exchange Chairman Jack Abraham, “The environment for entrepreneurs is the best made up to now. This year’s class proves to be a thirst for people who are looking for non-traditional approaches.

Krishnan is the CEO and founding partner of Mechanism Labs, an open-source research lab that claims to be the world’s first. His project uses the cryptography economy to solve various problems such as block chains, alternative consensus, and incentive design.

Ericsson Stockholm comes from Sweden and is the founder of Vest. The company is working on software for Ethereum and similar block chains that will allow users to be interested in crypto currencies.

Finally, Ternyak represents MyCrypto, which he serves as a CTO. The company would bring accessibility to blockages to increase the adoption of a decentralized society.


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