38% of South Africans Regret not Investing in cryptocurrencies: The Discovery
38% of South Africans Regret not Investing in cryptocurrencies: The Discovery
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The pan-African financial services giant, Old Mutual, has published the 2018 survey on savings and investment in South Africa. Raporda claims that the second largest economy in Africa, aware of the existence of digital assets, and 38% of its citizens want their money to be put in cryptocurrencies.

South Africans also expressed a positive sentiment about crypto money in general, and 71% said “you can make a lot of money with them”. However, 43% of South Africans compare them to pyramid schemes.

Levels of consciousness of cryptocurrency
awareness about the cryptocurrency survey, 60% of South Africans, saying that they do not mention at all of their assets, a percentage higher than 4% of those who know about crypto-interference . While the rate of low awareness of cryptographic money is 17%, only 19% have heard it lately.

Old Mutual survey, data obtained from Google Trends, based on Bitcoin search online, South Africa over the past 12 months lighthouse has achieved results demonstrating that it has the highest level of interest in crypto -currency of the world.

As explained in more detail by NCF In May, the publication of South African MyBroadband MyBroadband technology a survey conducted by the 2018 cryptocurrency survey, is to have no digital assets, about 50% of those they invest ever revealed that he plans to invest. this year.

NCF reported that, “those who have no or never cryptocurrency only about 50% of the survey participants, cryptocurrency, or they plan to invest in 2018 Crypto mining, ” he said.

No currencies, “Cyber-Tokens”
Perhaps because of acceptance of Crypto’s popularity of the highest money in the country, compared to other African countries, he asked the South African Revenue Service at the end of April tax in the framework of the taxpayer’s taxable income to declare the gains or losses they made the cryptocurrency. At that time, SARS indicated that cryptocurrencies were not monetary units but intangible assets. minors is concerned cryptocurrency, the tax office or until until the exchange piece is sold as cash “trading stock”, he said it will be valued.

South African Reserve Bank Vice President Francois Groep, last May, the central bank, with the assumption that meet the need for money, he did not see that currency currencies seemed crypto be side by side with SARS because who said that. Instead, Grope reconciled the opening, and SARB would find them in the desert as a symbolic figure.


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