The additional code ‘default’ was actually a change in error
The additional code ‘default’ was actually a change in error

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Tether Dollar It is recommended that the USDT crypto currency code may contain an error that can be used to allow double charges to appear incorrect.

According to Soth Mist’s recent announcement of the original claims company and Tether, the starting point for providing software for the USDT, the problem is actually a failure of change integration.

On Thursday, Slow Mist seemed to be claiming a WeChat position that when the transaction was processed in US dollars, the transaction had to verify that the transaction details were “correct”, otherwise double charges would occur. The company also suggested that the problem was used during an attack on anonymous crypto interchange, and that a posting on Twitter contained a transactional page with some encrypted details.

In fact, the USDT coin has had a potential impact because it serves as a proxy for the rapid transfer of funds around the stock market rather than waiting for bank transfers, especially since it is used to buy the US dollar.

But in a statement, a Tether spokesman said the problem was not part of the USDT protocol

“On the contrary, it was due to a poor integration of Tether’s level of change. Integration process to solve the problem, although we can not do too much control while executing the integration process of the change process. USDT to help other exchanges in the integration process.

Now, Slow Mist has clarified that the problem has changed, in fact, that stock exchanges have integrated the USDT protocol, not the protocol itself, into transactions.

The company said in a statement to CoinDesk: “Tether had no security clearances, but there was poor management of incoming transactions. We have updated Twitter to explain this issue. I am sorry to say that the previous statement did not make it clear

Although this apparently is not a Tether problem, these developments can also increase the nervousness of the company, which is controversial with Bitfinex in the stock market. is closely related to the crypto currency. Critics argued that despite the Tether USDT’s claims, it was not fully supported by the US dollar and was used to manipulate the crypto-money market instead.

In the past week, Tether issued a report showing US dollar reserves as proof that the chip was fully backed up. However, as CoinDesk notes, the report will not serve as an audit for the financing of Tether and will emerge a few months after the end of the company’s relationship with the audit firm Friedman.

After the original Slow Mist message uncovered widespread security concerns, several stock exchanges, including OKEx and, confirmed that the problem was not affected.

LBank said that he did “an urgent technical questionnaire”, indicating that he is not vulnerable. However, the change “we can not guarantee the security of other trade places and the USDT as a whole, so we decided to temporarily close the re-installment of the USDT”.


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