Bitcoin Price rising to new heights: Spencer Bogart, hedge fund manager
Bitcoin Price rising to new heights: Spencer Bogart, hedge fund manager

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The different players in the bitcoin ecosystem seem to hear their sounds again in the forecast season. This is not far from the last uptrend in the price of bitcoin, which seems to have tested the $ 8,500 mark before falling back around the $ 8,200 mark on the spelling column and before trading.

Bitcoin was the last below $ 6,000 in May 2018, the last time we passed the $ 8,000 mark. In general, the year 2018 has been a downward trend for cryptocurrency after all time, at an altitude of nearly $ 20,000 just before the start of the year.

Between all the volatilities and the massive sales, different estimates emerged from different angles, both in the durability of the cryptocurrency and in its support. Part of the estimates saw bitcoin as a balloon, especially during fast downward movements. Nevertheless, even during the downward trend, a number of curious people continued to make apparent underestimations, insisting on a significant upward movement.

With the latest price of $ 6,000, the voice of those who support curiosity and crypto currency has further increased. Speaking of CNBC’s Quick Money, Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital has reinvented the idea that bitcoin is connected to higher price levels in the near future as the momentum of withdrawal could be over.

Bitcoin price waiting for a catalyst
Bogart noted that Bitcoin is now in a sort of boxer and that he expects the reasons to go higher. Global currency battles, commercial battles, ETF approval, some of the possible catalysts reported by Bogart that will trigger the next upward movement at the bitcoin price.

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Despite speculation about the possible approval of the ETF in the near future, Bogart considers 2019 as a more realistic timetable for its realization. However, despite ETF approval by the SEC, other instruments indicate that retail and institutional investors are providing access to the ecosystem. He explained that retail investors take risks through Bitcoin companies such as Coinbase, which corporate investors have traded through companies like Bitwise Asset Management, and that Europe already has FTEs.

The increase in the level of activity in the cryptosphere is not only limited to the major players, nor limited within the limits of expert estimates. Globally, it seems that Bitcoin and Crypto activities are attracting more and more interest. Service providers, such as industry traders and commercial signal providers, are relieved in the first half of the year and are on the rise again.

Priority to investor security required
Another area in which participants are also renewing their concerns concerns security issues. We can also remember that the increase in the number of attacks and attacks on hackers and crypto fields is related to the rally of 2017. It is natural for the bad players to expect an increase of the prices for the industry to see another industry. potential profitable target.

For this reason, while it is expected that the price of bitcoin will be inflated by many people, it is clear that hackers and crooks will follow the same direction. This means taking appropriate measures to protect their assets and investments for hodlers. In addition, marauding fraud and scammers to prevent teeth, especially for beginners before any investment firm is recommended to determine the appropriate situation.

The bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem is dynamic and evolving continuously. Bogart describes this as a concise breakthrough innovation that will support established innovation initiatives. Because long-term general forecasts lead to a near-lag, the ability to estimate instantaneous fluctuation remains a key feature for many investors looking for the best ways to maximize profits.


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