Indian Police Closing in on $ 300 Million GainBitcoin Scams
Indian Police Closing in on $ 300 Million GainBitcoin Scams
India police GainBitcoin

Malicious cryptocurrency ponzi scheme is estimated that $ 300 million gainbitcoin police investigations, as to how fraudulent money the organization’s authorities considered “important clues” are progressing rapidly because they indicated that they had gotten.

“Important tips”
As reported by July 13, 2018, the Indian Express, police in the state of India’s Gujarat are questioning millions of scams as an active leader and that questioning the major operations of how the place of the accused Amit Bharadwaj, he says give us some clues. year.

Interestingly, Bharadwaj was fired without being questioned by criminal forces in five Indian cities. However, a special search team of Pune, Bharadwaj and gainbitco the “7” are not of value that other people, as information field because they receive valuable information, including the motivation of the speakers investors, including investors seems to succeed in this regard.

two first information report against gainbitcoin in April 2018 (FR) came scam after the opening, then another FIR exit in another city. The authorities immediately saw the crime after many of these developments as many of the city’s operations.

In May 2018, a victim complained against GainBitcoin in Pune; The post received custody of Bharadwaj for questioning by the local police.

Later, Bharadwaj successfully demonstrated how he stole illegal funds in China, Hong Kong and Dubai, while disengaging from Indian traditions.

A police officer added:

“Money-laundering advice has been passed on to the executive director.” Prob shows that Bhardwaj and his assistants have put in place a detailed MLM system, allowing bitcoins to go to investors in the promise of higher returns. was then routed to larger international markets and other money transfer methods. ”

The report estimates that fraud affects more than 8,000 people in India, exceeding 1,500 rupees.

Investors bring investors
On May 9, 2018, CCNA, 100 of the Indian INR Investor Policy (about $ 15 million) worth earned a place in the MLM programs gainbitco Etherea was reported that raided the mining plant.

Police authorities also in Dehradun, a city near the capital of Delhi, India, map 500 100 graphics and treated with the Ethereum server me who attacked the mining facilities of 4000 square meters.

Previously, a victim told his officers that he wanted it. In July 2017, the victim, the two operators, after giving a Bitcoin payment promise of 12 percent per month on an 18-month contract, invested 0.1 BTC in July 2017. Additional investors wanted a string search for earn 12 percent more each month.

However, gainbitco has never paid the dividends and employees of the facility operator “with all the funds that go to Dubai” to all calls before claiming that it was alleged that stop responding.


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