The ruling party in India accused of participating in “Mega Bitcoin Scam”
The ruling party in India accused of participating in “Mega Bitcoin Scam”

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The party of the National Indian Congress (INC), the largest political party in the country, is accused of blackmail to the ruling Bharatiya Janta (BJP) party via bitcoin.

Earlier known as the Congress Party, INC reported Thursday that the British daily reported that BJP turned “money” into a bitch in the western province of Gujurat. In addition, the party asked the Supreme Court of India to open an investigation to monitor the investigation.

According to the report, INC spokesman Shaktisinh Gohil, “black money related to conversion” leadership “727 million dollars and $ 12.79 billion alleged that Bitcoin scam” of the BJP and claimed to be linked.

Gohil told reporters:

“In this labyrinth” Mega Bitcoin Scam “, we ask for a forensic investigation followed by a neutral Supreme Court, so that the truth is revealed.”

Using bitcoin, he added that some leaders in the BJP could convert “black money” into other businessmen in the state. However, the BJP rejected the claims and said the Congressional Party’s “dirty tricks department” only “spreads confusion and lies.”

Indeed, BJP spokesman Anil Baluni seems to imply that the INC could be an obvious reason to blame the ruling party for the money laundering crime.

“I wonder if Congress is trying to help someone in this case as part of a conspiracy,” he said.


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