Another big investment company says there is no Bitcoin ETF in 2018
Another big investment company says there is no Bitcoin ETF in 2018

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Canada’s largest investment firm Canaccord, a Bitcoin-traded fund (ETF) said approval is not quite possible in 2018.

Canaccord researchers Michael Graham and Scott Suh, an official reporter named Blockchain and Digital Assets: US Capital Research, wrote:

“Although the most difficult considered a candidate for approval Bitcoin Vaneck potential confidence, although this month stems from a potential decision early, it will extend choose the deadline, in which case the decision omitted until March 2019. Meanwhile, other Bitcoin-backed securities (eg, Bitcoin Tracker) in May 2015 Sweden, north of the border, we draw your regulated attention to Canada, they were ready to trade on the stock exchanges . I am working on my Bitcoin ETF product, Evolve Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin ETF not provoked in 2018
In the past, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been reluctant to approve ETFs are based on assets and emerging products. 2017 and 2018 in Bitcoin solidx as seen in the rejection ETF and Bitcoin’s ETF Winklevoss Bitcoin case, regardless of the results of their internal debates prefer not to publicly announce its decision before the deadline.

Therefore, Vaneck-solidx ETF Bitcoin and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE also) is said ETF Bitcoin is likely to be approved by the US SEC will announce to the public until the end of the February deadline The Commission’s decision . 2019.

SEC Hester Peirce Bitcoin ETF
SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce believes the agency should approve a bitcoin ETF, but is now a minority at this stage. | American Institutional Institute / YouTube Featured Image
Select USA, Vaneck-solidx and CBOE Bitcoin deadline of the decision to approve or reject the ETF, the short-term price trend of the BTC and the Crypto market much Crypto market, which could have a negative impact due movement. the most dominant crypto currency.

Bitcoin saga ETF of a positive set, the market, their level of confidence for investors and CBOE ETF Vaneck-solidx is that bitcoin ever show.

Canaccord researchers, willing relative to the US market and the United States because of Vaneck and select CBOE the past, the Bitcoin ETF pointed out that it was probably approved by the SEC. Two ETFs, have comprehensive insurance, has securely secure storage area for investors, and most importantly, does not depend on a single change of Crypto for evaluation and ultimately lead to ETF Winklevoss Bitcoin being rejected.

Interested institutions
Since the beginning of 2018, the largest companies are included in the Ledger Coinbase and crypto silver markets, to help in a number of large-scale institutional investors to participate in Crypto foreign exchange markets have focused on the development of products of the ‘business.

Canaccord researchers, monitoring reliable Crypto mercenaries provided by Coinbase, Ledger and that the custody solution developed by bitgo and ETF Vaneck has attracted the interest of institutional investors in the deposit field and will continue to increase demand for Crypto on the American market, he said.

“Potentially the arrival of the ETF Bitcoin, this new entity wanting exposure to institutional investors of the class to continue to stay in mind and now approved by the SEC and especially Van Eck / recommended by solidx there are too many candidates . In addition, Ledger, put at the consensus conference in May that he has established a partnership with Nomura and Global Consultants and Coinbase business monitoring products with applications in early July continue to promote business monitoring ” , adds Canaccord researchers


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