Bitcoin Investors Brain Washed: “Wall Street Kurt”
Bitcoin Investors Brain Washed: “Wall Street Kurt”

Jordan Belfort bitcoin
One of the most famous scam artists on Wall Street continues to throw the picture on the bitcoin and anticipates that the flagship CryptoCurrency is ready for a battle they call “bust they hear around the world.”

Jordan Belfort, who was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment and ordered a penny more than $ 110 million in compensation for victims of pandemic scum, was told CNBC that it was the only reason he was defeated by the inevitable mortality of bitcoin. Young investors, who find the developing asset class most attractive, have “brainwashed” into buying it.

“I was a fraudster. I did not know him, and that’s exactly what happened with the bitcoin. ” In an interview with the crypto-currency documentary “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust”, the network premiere on Monday. “Everything is so stupid, these kids wash themselves out of their brains,” he said. “We really do not even know how bad it is.”

In 2013, Belfort, who played criminal activities in The Wall of Wall Street, claimed that the fraud had accumulated BTC’s large pots. At present, they are trying to vacate their average retail investors who are now prone to find themselves hype-aggressively. entity bubbles.

For such a buyer, the one with the “good heart” has the following words from Belfort:

“For a person who is really good – you know, a good mold, who said,” I just – I want – because I believe it, in the long run, “just f – run.

“This thing will evaporate like a mirage,” he said. “There are very honest people to be killed.”

Belfort does not hear the alarm on the bitcoin for the first time. In September, CryptoCurrency said it was a “fraud” and added that soon afterwards the first money offers (ICOs) could be “the biggest deception up until now”. In June, the crypto money market was down for six months. The market claimed that “fools were consumed”, warning of an erimene that had not yet happened despite warnings.


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