Blockchain for the bureaucrats: the Chinese Communist Party publishes its introductory book on the DLT
Blockchain for the bureaucrats: the Chinese Communist Party publishes its introductory book on the DLT

china communist party blockchainManaged by China Daily People’s Publishing Party House People, it will cover all aspects of the new technology and will serve as a guide for Blockcha bureaucrats – A guide to publish a book on Blockcha technology appointed officials. The news was reported for the first time by the local media organization People’s Network.

The book presents details of the origins of distributed laptop technology and discusses its current and future applications. In addition, it refers to problems in the business, technology, law and other sectors.

Human Internet Network Ye Hao is “The Thoughts of the Internet Blockcha’s Thought” reads an excerpt from the book he wrote in a section entitled:

“We continue to look at the development of the sector in the perspective of developing block development technology.” Blockcha scientific prospect looking at the label, refer to a strategic eye blockcha industry, see look at a calm blockcha job offers , sustainable and encourage the healthy development of the industry blockcha. ”

Hao adds that distributed laptop technology brings together a variety of technologies and provides a solution for distributing resources evenly. Other key figures that contributed to the book founder chairman of Dana Shoucheng Zhang Capital, Duan Yongchao strategy director of Caixa Media Group, Xue Jingzhong, investment management partner Hangzhou Investment and Zhang Xuguang, Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation and the Entrepreneurship Promotion Association President.

The last book will be the third in a series of technologies created by People’s Daily Publishing House. Previous books focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and “digital China”.

DLT: advanced technology in China
China’s central bank with President Xi Jinping, Chinese native since hiring the technology began to deal more with the DLT. Last month, the South China Morning Post, January to July 2018, the company said that China made the name chaining block 3078. While the number was 555 in 2017, there was an increase of 454% over to last year’s file.

China said the private equity firm GS Capital Overstock US retail company to invest 374.55 million dollars. GSR Capital spent $ 270 million on Overstock DLT to acquire an 18% stake in the tZero subsidiary. Thanks to this investment, tZero is more valuable than Overstock. In addition, this transaction is recorded as the largest investment made on a single blockchain platform.


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