EA Hacker, $ 750,000 in Cryptocurrency Request for Bail Vapor
EA Hacker, $ 750,000 in Cryptocurrency Request for Bail Vapor

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A man accused of illegally accessing the safe network of well-known gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) was arrested on August 8th for attempting to fly to Serbia at San Francisco National Airport. He is responsible for games like EA, FIFA, Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront and manages assets in excess of $ 8.5 billion.

Martin Marsich, 25, made the first public announcement on August 9th, according to US Secretary of Defense Alex G. Tse and FBI Special Agent John F., of a criminal complaint of crimes related to illegal access to the computer network. Bennett.

It is known that Marisch was the last person to live in Italy and to have both Serbian and Italian citizenship. A FBI statement issued by the court stated that a Bay Area video game company had learned that they were being attacked and that 25,000 accounts were available to allow guests to purchase products for use in video games. According to the Daily Post, this company was Electronic Arts.

It was alleged that Marsich used some information from the computer system to obtain the in-game currency used to buy and sell in-game items. He is accused of selling access to online games on black market websites, and according to the game company, the losses due to the closure of captured and stolen video game accounts are about $ 324,000.


Magistrate Judge Corley ordered Marsich to be released to a semi-home on condition of an order of $ 750,000 in bail bail for bail. Bail can be paid in the form of BTC or sub-coins, as Marisch considers appropriate. Although it seems like an unusual decision, US judges can determine the bail conditions based on their own discretion on the basis of the property they have – the bail can also be used to issue bail fees.

Marisch, apparently, has access to a large crypto currency, which seems to have gone wrong with a cyber-robbery.

The event is the highest bail case paid in the kripto, but the crypto was used to collect the bail money in the past. As reported by the motherboard, the Bronx Freedom Fund is an attempt to prevent people from making money by mining remotely and waiting in court, and allowing the crowd to bail out the CPU power for those who can not donate money to people.

However, Marisch’s case may be the first direct payment of the money he bailed in crypto currency for the first time without conversion. Due to the volatile nature of the crypto money, the total required for bail in BTC or subcategories varies on a daily basis to accommodate price fluctuations.


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