Litecoin creator Charlie Lee suggests buying Bitcoin at Bear Market
Litecoin creator Charlie Lee suggests buying Bitcoin at Bear Market

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Cryptocurrency market, the third of the past year has been in a bearish cycle for more than two months of August collection to start with August, in recent months, the forecasts seem less will test the highest level of all time in 2018 Bitcoin prices. and less likely.

However, even after this long fall, Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee, said that CryptoCurrency’s flagship product was still a good buy.

Speaking with CNBC Lee, falling prices, money in hand could not afford to lose, he says created a great investment opportunity for bulls in the long run.

“It’s always good to buy the average of your dollar purchases,” he said. “As long as you can not afford to lose money, it’s a good thing.

Former engineers at Google and Coinbase warned against using borrowed funds to invest in BitCoin. This practice has become fierce in the 4th quarter last year importunate in a practical price rally and in the short term is extremely difficult to predict the movement of the markets and in some cases it can also be noted. year.

He said:

“It’s hard to predict prices, I’ve been working in this field for seven years now, I think it’s sometimes about six months, sometimes three or four years.”

Lee also noted that cryptocurrency prices mainly reflect speculative concerns and that there is no real adoption by consumers.

“Today, there is all about speculation, but in the future, the price indicated that the currencies would reflect success,” he added.

However, when asked to buy back Litecoine (listing all of his LTCs in December and invoking a conflict of interest to publicize price movements), Lee said:

“I’m selling it because of a conflict of interest, so I’m not going to get my writers back soon – or not at all.”


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