Roger Ver, Governor of Jeju Island Bitcoin sent 100 dollars in cash. Was local politics violated?
Roger Ver, Governor of Jeju Island Bitcoin sent 100 dollars in cash. Was local politics violated?

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Blockcha’s, Zcash, Bitpay and Kraken as Crypto’s global sector, which has backed some of the biggest companies in a key cryptocurrency Asked Roger that investors have recently sent South Korea’s Jeju Island $ 100 in Bitcoin currency at a public event the governor. .

Humor Kim Yeong-Ran Rule Banter
Over the weekend, Green, Jeju Island to encourage the use of cryptocurrency and the future of the block chain industry, the governor of the island, which describes the island of Jeju , the intention of conversion to the public the next Zug and Asia Malta have visited to meet Won Hee-Ryong. Appropriate regulatory frameworks for CryptoCurrency companies.

Give the governor a cryptocurrency Won attended the conference, to facilitate the transfer of payments to the governor and his immediate colleagues to show the ability of cryptocurrency $ 100 sent a Bitcoin currency.

Asked when Governor Won $ 100 Bitcoin try to send money, give a “South Korea associates,” rule Kim Yeong-Ran, “we have a policy called, given answer” There is a legal issue . do you send the payment on the valet?

The governor intervened and won the Verde country, especially the officials of higher-order individuals, goods, they said gift cards and money to be eligible to receive more than $ 30 in a single operation. Therefore, on the technical side, giving $ 100 to be sent to Won Governor, Kim Yeong-Ran could violate the rule, because the $ 30 amount is higher.

However, the governor Won, Verde and the rest of the participants in the conference is pleasant, and in this case, who insisted that he would not ask the events described in an open ring rules Yeong-ran. It was registered by the government as a special payment that could be used to fund charitable organizations.

A humorous way, the governor won, after the incident, took using Bitcoin money to pay for dinner $ 100 to use and Kim said it would eliminate the possibility of implementing this special treatment Yeong rules -ran.

Why was Jeju given?
In the past month, with the approval of South Korea’s first crypto currency and the Blinding Cluster laws on the horizon, Jeju Island and other regional governments, including Sejong Busan, announced the local Cryptocurrency market and block their intention to focus on the chain industry’s growth to the public.

However, excluding the majority of federal Jeju Island South Korea regulations established by the Government and Jeju Island Management has an order authorizing the establishment of an autonomous government and to establish their own policies.

Jeju Island, in order to create a friendly business ecosystem for money Crypto explores different possible regulatory frameworks can adopt national laws in addition to encryption. Jeju Island government, as well as tax benefits, local businesses will allow them to make coin sales on Jeju Island South Korea offers the first money (ICO) he said he would leave the prohibition.


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