Voting on a NEM Blockchain Ukrainian Election Body Experiments
Voting on a NEM Blockchain Ukrainian Election Body Experiments

Ukraine NEM Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been tested according to a Facebook posting made by Alexander Stelmakh, Ukraine’s official election commission in the Ukrainian elections.

A test started a few weeks ago and the voting is still going on using the test coins provided by the NEM Foundation.

The message makes it impossible to change the recorded information. Centralization of the data is also seen as advantageous. NEM’s blockchain allows the user to create his own assets. In addition, the daily structure of BlockChain includes a message box that allows the user to add a message.

All information protocols are displayed in the format section of the block chain. Helper operations can also be seen in the block chain. In addition, the NEM’s API allows users to access the database in an easy-to-use fashion.

Value for money
Stelmakh pointed out that the estimated cost of the results in the block chain would be small for the lifetime protection of data where social consequences are important.

In the NEM web site, the Foundation is determined to work with governments to expand the use of the NEM block chain, and is able to handle distributed books, giving the government a chance to increase transparency, prevent fraud and build confidence.

Blockchain Voting Winnings
In 2016, E-Vox, an open democracy block chain devoted to implementing block-chain-based voting in Ukraine, signed a memorandum of understanding to support a block-based voting system. According to E-Vox website, it has been signed by volunteers and organizations to give the world e-voting for transparent and transparent decision-making.

Swiss city Zug decided to test blockchain-based voting to vote with smartphones using the city’s eID system in the past days. Residents were able to download an application to register to vote.


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