Binance, CFO Heavy IPO,  Changed
Binance, CFO Heavy IPO, Changed

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, as chief public officer, elected a manager with extensive experience during initial public offerings (IPOs).

Wei Zhou, who is currently Vice Chairman of the gay partner platform Grindr, has experience of running for more than a year and a half. His career began in Hong Kong subsidiary Goldman Sachs, which focuses on investment banking.

Graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and East Asian Studies, Zhou has special expertise in expanding and scaling business operations in the US and China. In addition, Zhou serves as chief financial officer of Charm Communications, a Chinese TV advertising firm, and, China’s second largest online recruitment services platform, which directs these companies to the successful listings of NASDAQ and New York Stocks. he gave. Exchange (NYSE), respectively.

Initial Public Offering
This led to the speculation that Binance was preparing for an IPO, along with the lease. However, the CEO of the CryptoCurrency Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, refused to ignore the fact that it could benefit from the fund creation model of the relatively young cryptographic currency industry.

CZ Binance

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# Binance does not have a plan for IPO, but this new industry makes these experiences less valuable. On the contrary, they need a lot. We are always looking for the best talent from traditional finanstan, from the internet, from anywhere in the world and from all over the world!
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The recruitment of an old Goldman Sachs employee is not the first time for a crypto currency to get a manager who has an experience from the traditional finance sector for the first time. Earlier this month, for example, Japanese crypto firm FXcoin has announced that the company has hired an old foreign exchange seller in Deutsche Bank, Yasuo Matsuda, as its former strategist. Tomoo Oshi, the founder of the founder of Japanese cryptosity, Tomoo Oshi, also had a history in traditional finance and sold the same money for the German banking majors.

Legislative conformity
Toward the end of last month, US crypto-currency company Coinbase announced that it hired Jeff Horowitz, a member of New York Mellon Bank, to lead the company’s global alignment efforts. Prior to his new assignment, Horowitz was a global compliance chief and general manager of Pershing, a subsidiary of the company. He has also worked in other traditional banking giants such as Horowitz, Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Citigroup.

When making an appointment, Coinbase, the crypto currency and the block industry, argued that more and more attention should be paid to the increasingly complicated alignment efforts around the world.

“Recruiting Jeff acknowledged that it requires a harmonious, cross-functional effort driven by experienced leaders, including policy, financial services and corporate governance, to monitor compliance complications on a global scale.” Hirji, as the CCN has reported.


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