Coinbase participates in a race for a Crypto ETF, asking for help BlackRock
Coinbase participates in a race for a Crypto ETF, asking for help BlackRock
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Coinbase launched its hat to launch a CryptoCurrency Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and asked BlackRock for help, according to anonymous sources polled by Ring Inspect. BlackRock, which cost $ 6 trillion, led the ETFs and had a blockchain working group.

Coinbase, which in March announced a crypto-currency index fund for incredible investors, joined VanEck, Bitwise Asset Management and Gemini to launch the first crypto ETF. The Securities and Exchange Commission recently rejected nine offers of bitcoin ETFs.

An ETF Coinbase will track different numbers according to a source claiming to be familiar with the subject.

BlackRock: no interest in removing cryptographic funds
The BlackRock BlockRain working group, which was on the market in 2015, said it was not interested in exporting cryptographic funds. Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, said that the company’s customers were not interested in digital currencies and that they used BitCoin as a money laundering index.

According to an anonymous source, BlackRock has created a block chaining workgroup to identify block applications in financial services. The working group has employees who work in the company’s multiple jobs.

BlackRock blockchain representatives found no suggestion for the Coinbase source, and it was unclear how big the conversation was.

Explore Crypto Custody products in banks
At the same time, several banks are developing storage products for cryptographic currencies.

Goldman Sachs is working on a product where banks can keep their cryptographic assets and track price changes for their customers. JPMorgan and Fidelity would also investigate similar products.

Meanwhile, ICE, which operates the New York Stock Exchange, announced in August a cryptocurrency trading platform called Bakkt.

A bitcoin maintains the uncertainty of view for the ETF.

The appointment of Elad Roisman to the SEC hopes that some people will be more likely to approve SEC’s bitcoin ETF. Because we know that Roisman has a strong position in the regulation of cryptocurrency.

Abram and the founder of a Bitcoin payment initiative with the Bill Barhot, a Bitcoin ETF, said he believes will select approved a year providing the applicant’s caliber autonomy.


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