Fantasy Sports Giant FanDuel partners with Dash for “Crypto Cup”
Fantasy Sports Giant FanDuel partners with Dash for “Crypto Cup”

Image result for fantasy sportsFanDuel has announced the return of the Crypto Cup, the largest fantasy sports contest that offers sports fans the chance to win prizes at DASH.

Cryptocurrency FanDuel introduced
Following the February edition of the Crypto Cup based on the NBA playoffs, the new edition follows the NFL and will continue today from Sunday, September 9 to January 6.

See picture on Twitter
See picture on Twitter


FanDuel Crypto Cup is back – The official currency of FanDuel with Dash!

Take part in the free Crypto Cup NFL qualification for the finals, where the grand prize winner will organize a two-person trip to Big Game in February!

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13:00 – 28 August 2018
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In January 1988, FanDuel hosted a fantastic NFL-based Bitcoin Bowl football tournament where the user had the chance to win rewards at BitCoin.

Crypto Cup order
According to the FanDuel website, this version of Crypto Cup will follow 18 free races from 9 September to 30 December, followed by the final on 6 January.

Contest, which includes a strict one-entry rule, is open to all US and Canadian participants who qualify for free play in accordance with the terms of the competition. Users can access the free games of the FanDuel lobby after they have been made available.

To qualify for the January 2019 final, users must be included in 18 free votes. Eligible entrants will receive an entry coupon by January 2 for the last free game.

The Crypto Cup Grand Prix, February 2, which will take place on Sunday in Atlanta, GA to attend the Super Bowl on 2 days, 2 nights is valid for a trip and a guest.

During the contest, there will be several rewards paid on DASH coins. They will be shared between the winners five times a week 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13 and 15-17. In the coming weeks, DASH will have a prize of $ 1,000. Weeks 4 and 8 will have a $ 5,000 prize pool at DASH and a $ 7,000 and $ 10,000 prize pool at 12 and 14 weeks respectively.

According to FanDuel, the winners will be eligible for the prizes within 72 hours of the competition. The funds paid will be sent to users’ DASH portfolios within 30 days of receiving FanDuel, which includes all necessary information, including a valid DASH general wallet address.

Previously Dash, Venezuela, escape consumers from the effects of Crypto hyperinflation, Bitcoin transactions and support fast approval times by the ether have become more widely reported that the market has experienced a strong wave.


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